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ARTKB is an engineering company, that specializes in the development of enclosure solutions for a wide range of applications and complexity.
Our team consists of experienced professionals in the fields of: industrial design, mechanical engineering, prototyping and serial production.

Our work process is based on using Scrum - agile methodology for product development.
We are proud of our friendly team, united not only by work matters, but by common interests as well.


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Our services are

New product development:

  • industrial design
  • mechanical engineering
  • electronics integration
  • prototyping
  • project review
  • production consultancy

Project Review

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Project review allows to estimate it`s technological readiness to manufacturing and entering the market.
We conduct a professional review of projects at any development stage of the following fields: industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, manufacturability, etc.
The result of such review - is an informative presentation with images, comments, explanations and advices - a feedback from professionals and a guide for further development

Industrial design


  • Search sketching of a design concept
  • Final concept, which includes all requested changes and modifications, based on the received feedback and discussions.
  • Development of 3D CAD model (without detalization of inner mechanical parts) with detailed description of outer parts and form of surface.
  • CMF - document detailing finishes, colors and materials, as well as any artwork, necessary for printing on product and material samples
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Mechanical engineering:

  • Final material and manufacturing methods selection
  • Development of inner structure
  • Review of assembly process
  • Analysis of molding process
  • Optimization of tooling (quantity of molds, cavities, etc.)

Electronics engineering:

  • Statement of work preparation
  • Schematic design
  • PCB Design
  • Firmware development
  • Prototyping
  • Debug & Test



  • Prototyping from construction materials (ABS, PC, PP, aluminum, steel, etc.)
  • Correction and finalization of models, based on the results of prototype testing
  • Verification of manufacturability of components according to the approved technology



The stage of production arrangement is complex and versatile, it consists of variety of processes:

  • suppliers selection
  • DFM
  • tooling approval
  • selection and approval of components
  • assembling process arrangement
  • quality control
  • certification and logistics assistance


Among our clients, there are startups and established companies. We are very interested in supporting new ideas and inventions as well as providing assistance in creating and developing new products – from idea to mass production.

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For startups

Our company actively promotes the adoption of innovative ideas and inventions. We`ve established special program for supporting hardware startups. It`s main goal is to provide assistance in creation of a design documentation, development of working prototype, crowdfunding campaign preparation and mass production set up preparation.

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