Want to embody your idea into a successful business?

ARTKB is a team of experienced professionals which embodies the ideas into life. The results of our work are not drafts and sketches, but a ready product of mass production.

How do we make this happen?

We follow the cutting edge trends in design and engineering, we are skilled project managers with years of experience dealing with equipment and raw materials suppliers and we know the logistics.

Whether you are a startup with a bright idea of a product or a corporate client seeking for a professional expertise in prototyping or industrial desing - we are here to help.

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Our services are

Design bureau:

  • industrial design
  • engineering
  • product development
  • prototyping & iterations


  • suppliers research
  • manufacruring preparation
  • serial production
  • injection molding
  • tooling manufacturing


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The essential stage before the beginning of development of a new product is a research. Design-research, marketing research, field tests, suppliers and contractors choice – these are the steps called to predetermine the destiny of the future product.

The appointment of design research - to give a holistic picture how person interacts with the environment, and on this basis consider all aspects of design a new product.



«Industrial design is not an art, and not an instrument for self-expression. It is a laborious and responsible work for the good of society». This thesis is our philosophy.

After all, in everyday life we are not surrounded by the sport cars and the most unexpected shapes furniture. Our life is formed and made comfortable by such everyday things, like the tableware with the help of which we eat; the doors and windows handles, which we touch; the hangers, on which we hang our clothes; the boxes and containers, in which we keep our favorite things and delicious food; the machines, which cook, wash, show and tell for us; the toys, which present joy to our children; the tools, which build, repair, and simply calm the nerves; the equipment, which saves our money, purifies our water, gives us light, heat and security; and many others, not always noticeable, but such irreplaceable things.

Our bureau worships a design for people.



Engineering – it is design objectification in CAD drawings needed for running of the product in the mass production. At this stage mutual cooperation of designer and engineer is highly important, in order to adopt shapes in line with technologies, keeping the idea of the concept developed by designer. It is constantly balancing between visual perception, manufacturability and cost of production.



Our principals in approach to prototyping are very simple and stated in 3 paragraphs:

  • prototyping materials are the same to real materials
  • prototype functioning is identic to functioning of the ready product
  • outer appearance of the prototype is equal to mass product



The stage of production arrangement is complex and versatile, it consists of variety of processes:

  • supplier selection
  • tooling approval
  • selection and approval of components
  • assembling process arrangement
  • quality control
  • the issues of certification and logistics

As a result, we get a ready product, wich is launched into mass production.


Our customers are corporate companies and startups. We are very interested in supporting new ideas and inventions and provide help in creating and developing new products - from idea to production. Check out our projects, our contribution to their implementation and the final results of our interaction.


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Acceleration program

Carrot is the first ARTKB acceleration program. Main focus of the program is to help start-ups in the development of design documentation for production, create a working prototype. Carrot provides services to develop new products to start-up teams or companies with further engineering, technical and production support as well as assistance in organizing a campaign to attract investments.

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